The Canna Heda coalition is a diverse group of distinguished professionals who are committed to providing cannabis education and resources to patients, industry professionals, and government bodies. 

Through our alliance, we are able to address a full spectrum of common issues and questions regarding cannabis legalization, medical program implementation, feasibility, and preemptive structure and strategy.

Our scientific and research-backed approach to messaging and education removes the histrionic response and allows for open dialogue and henceforth: change.

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


Educate – Empower – Elevate

We educate, empower, and elevate professionals and consumers in the cannabis industry.

Governmental Task Force

Our coalition has volunteered for, participated in, drafted policy for, and played integral roles in cannabis legalization in various states.

Cannabis Education

Canna Heda is responsible for the course curriculum and professional sourcing for major cannabis events, including Utah Cann 2018.

Universal Research

In order to offer the greatest benefit to our members and those we engage with, our team sources research and studies globally.

Cannabis Innovation

By identifying the gaps in a re-emerging industry, we are able to preemptively diagnose potential problems, and identify the proper solution.

Dedicated to providing high-quality resources and education.

Preliminary decision making in the cannabis movement will profoundly impact the future of the commodity, the access of the patient, and the trajectory for the potential economic surge.

While the vast majority of public outcry circumvents the need for medical access, the decisions made on behalf of emotional and anecdotal evidence is likely to set the stage for future limitations and further need for extensive legislation and public debate.

It is our core belief that our governing bodies are responsible for making decisions based on majority vote, and the best interest of the people. It is our core belief, that as industry professionals it is our obligation to make any and all information readily available to key decision makers and influencers so as to ensure the efficacy of those decisions, the transparency of the intention, and feasibility of implementation.

Provide education, provide change

Inspire growth through cognition

Cultivate opportunity for prosperity

We Are Stronger As One

Our collaborative efforts as professionals in our fields are necessary not only for the foundation of our leadership but also as the direct representation of a new voice in social and governmental reform in the cannabis industry. While cannabis remains a haughtily emotional issue for many, our narrative remains biased only towards the well being of humankind, the safe and effective utilization of the commodity, and strategic implementation.  

Daily Motivation

Find your voice amongst the chaos, and embrace the notion that it is not necessary to overpower the noise, but to simply offer rational solutions.

Coalition Meetings

Canna Heda is set to host coalition meetings to discuss current issues pertaining to the cannabis industry, and collaboratively address possible solutions. 

While newly minted states require assistance in building comprehensive medical and recreational cannabis plans, many states still require public education, legislation, voting action, and implementation. 

Our goal is to enhance the dialogue past the point of self-interest to what benefits our nation in both health and economic development in a safe and responsible manner.

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Our Members Know

“It’s not enough to care deeply about a subject, you must invest in it – be versed enough to share facts and provide an educated opinion”

We have reached a point in the cannabis movement, where decisions can no longer be justified by emotional bias. While the passion and support for the movement remain vital, the science and research will reinforce and solidify society and government’s position on Cannabis. It is our responsibility to compile those experts, to provide facts. 

“Too much action with too little intent makes for wasteful exertion of energy and the confusion between movement and progress.” 

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

 Buckminster Fuller

In order for a movement to be successful, it must first have intent, direction, transparency, and scientific basis for success. When lead by professionalism, you create an environment of irrefutable change.

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Salt Lake city, Utah 84111

Setting Standards for Cannabis

The Canna Heda Coalition was created due to an interstice in not only social reform and legalization but also scientific research and studies. By bringing together valuable professional resources and leaders, who markedly represent various demographics, we are able to start creating a standard in the cannabis industry and moving together as a whole.